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Caterpillar M120D Electric 4-wheel forklift
Price on request
Caterpillar M120D
BS-Nr. IA80
Electric 4-wheel forklift
YOM: 2002
Capacity6000 kg
Lift height4700 mm
Battery V80 V
Running hours1063 h

Hyster J2.5XN Electric 4-wheel forklift
Price on request
Hyster J2.5XN
BS-Nr. IA93
Electric 4-wheel forklift
YOM: 2013
Capacity2500 kg
Lift height4330 mm
Battery V80 V
Battery Ah775 Ah
Running hours7706 h

Toyota 7FBMF35 Electric 4-wheel forklift
Price on request
Toyota 7FBMF35
BS-Nr. IB63
Electric 4-wheel forklift
YOM: 2012
Capacity3500 kg
Lift height4300 mm
Battery V80 V
Running hours6967 h

Toyota 7FBMF16 Electric 4-wheel forklift
Price on request
Toyota 7FBMF16
BS-Nr. IB57
Electric 4-wheel forklift
YOM: 2010
Capacity1600 kg
Lift height3700 mm
Battery V72 V
Battery Ah460 Ah
Running hours795 h

Toyota 7FBMF30 Electric 4-wheel forklift
Price on request
Toyota 7FBMF30
BS-Nr. IB59
Electric 4-wheel forklift
YOM: 2012
Capacity3000 kg
Lift height5000 mm
Battery V80 V
Battery Ah750 Ah
Running hours16468 h

GS-International 1211-II Verladerampe
Price on request
GS-International 1211-II
BS-Nr. IC57
YOM: 2019

Caterpillar GC45K-SWB LPG Forklifts
Price on request
Caterpillar GC45K-SWB
BS-Nr. HU67
LPG Forklifts
Capacity4500 kg
Lift height5300 mm
Running hours5134 h

Hubtex DQ45G Sideloader
Price on request
Hubtex DQ45G
BS-Nr. IC56
YOM: 2011
Capacity4500 kg
Lift height5500 mm
Running hours2022 h

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