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Combilift C8000ESL Four-way side loader
Price on request
Combilift C8000ESL
BS-Nr. KR10
Four-way side loader
YOM: 2017
Capacity8000 kg
Lift height4000 mm
Battery V80 V
Battery Ah930 Ah
Running hours1723 h

Linde H60EXD Diesel Forklift
Price on request
Linde H60EXD
BS-Nr. KN34
Diesel Forklift
YOM: 2013
Capacity6000 kg
Lift height4500 mm
Running hours13170 h

Toyota 02-8FGF20 LPG Forklifts
Price on request
Toyota 02-8FGF20
BS-Nr. KP42
LPG Forklifts
YOM: 2010
Capacity2000 kg
Lift height6000 mm
Running hours8179 h

Linde E15Z Electric 3-wheel forklift
Price on request
Linde E15Z
BS-Nr. KP44
Electric 3-wheel forklift
YOM: 1994
Capacity1500 kg
Lift height3700 mm
Battery V48 V
Battery Ah560 Ah
Running hours5096 h

*Sonstige Pan America S Spoke adaptive Other
Price on request
*Sonstige Pan America S Spoke adaptive
BS-Nr. KQ55
YOM: 2022

Yale ERP20VF Electric 4-wheel forklift
Price on request
Yale ERP20VF
BS-Nr. KQ56
Electric 4-wheel forklift
YOM: 2016
Capacity2000 kg
Lift height4900 mm
Battery V48 V
Running hours12429 h

Caterpillar DP25N Diesel Forklift
Price on request
Caterpillar DP25N
BS-Nr. KQ58
Diesel Forklift
YOM: 2004
Capacity2500 kg
Lift height3740 mm
Running hours6556 h

Hyster H2.50XM Diesel Forklift
Price on request
Hyster H2.50XM
BS-Nr. KQ62
Diesel Forklift
YOM: 2001
Capacity2500 kg
Lift height4950 mm
Running hours11138 h

Hyster H2.0FT LPG Forklifts
Price on request
Hyster H2.0FT
BS-Nr. KQ73
LPG Forklifts
YOM: 2014
Capacity2000 kg
Lift height3800 mm
Running hours10716 h

Tennant T16 Sweepers and vacuum cleaning machine
Price on request
Tennant T16
BS-Nr. KQ82
Sweepers and vacuum cleaning machine
YOM: 2015
Battery V36 V
Battery Ah220 Ah

Toyota 02-8FGF18 LPG Forklifts
Price on request
Toyota 02-8FGF18
BS-Nr. KQ95
LPG Forklifts
YOM: 2014
Capacity1800 kg
Lift height3700 mm
Running hours9345 h

Manitou MT1840 Telehandler / Telescope Forklift
Price on request
Manitou MT1840
BS-Nr. KR13
Telehandler / Telescope Forklift
YOM: 2017
Capacity4000 kg
Lift height18000 mm
Running hours116 h

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