All purchased vehicles are tested and undergo thorough inspection. If necessary, repairs are carried out. Subsequently, the material handling equipment is transferred to the warehouse and maintained.

The foundation for a successful forklift business
You can count on us: over the many years that we have been doing business all over the world, we have earned the special trust of our clients. Many forklift deals take place over the telephone. For us the spoken word is just as binding as a written offer.
We provide extra security by allowing you to carefully test drive all our vehicles before making a purchase. We also provide a summary of all the potential damages up front. You receive extensive, reliable information about the condition and value of the forklifts.
In conclusion, BS Forklifts is a global leader in the forklift business with the right balance between price and quality and the highest standard of service. From forklift procurement to reliable testing of used vehicles, and transporting the vehicles to our clients.
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